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Daiwa 18 Exist LT 3000-XH Spinning

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Daiwa 18 Exist LT 3000-XH Spinning

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Item # 4960652246941
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Manufacturer info DAIWA
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Weight (g): 195 Maximum drag force (kg): 10 Standard winding amount nylon (lb - m): 8-150 Standard winding amount PE (No. - m): 1-200 Ball Bearing Rollers / Rollers: 12/1 * Because the arrival date is undecided, delivery date designation is not available. Please do not put it in the cart together with other goods (Only Daiwa reel maintenance card can be purchased at the same time).
LT's flagship debut, engraving a new history of spinning reels ● Dexterous spinning 18 EXSIST was born collecting the skill of 60 years of technology. First of all I want you to take it in your hand. Light feeling and precise rotation feel reminiscent of infinity. It is overwhelmingly lightweight, but at the same time it has a sense of rigidity that makes us dependable. The surprise comes even at fishing spots. Long cast ABS is a missing flight. Even if a load is applied, it is light and continues to wind up coolly. A new shape drag knob and ATD that is refined and easy to operate, bringing plenty to the angler whatever fish comes. Light operability and fit to the palm are unique points that only this reel has. The original model adopts magshield line roller. Drive gear shaft also fully armed with mag shield ball bearing. This class realizes exquisite waterproof performance, never being frightened by flooding during wedding. The finesse custom (FC) model is equipped with a lightweight handle arm specialized for more delicate fishing. Moreover, we dared to adopt the magshield line roller, the magshield ball bearing, and made the weight reduction extremely. I want to capture the hearts of anglers, I want to uplift, DAIWA polished and crafted a company NEW EXIST. A new history of spinning reels is engraved from here. * The image of the product you are posting is displaying the representative image. Moreover, the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned.

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