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Shimano 14 Wakasagi Matic DDM-T Blue

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Shimano 14 Wakasagi Matic DDM-T Blue

Shimano 14 Wakasagi Matic DDM-T Blue

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Item # 4969363033246
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Manufacturer info SHIMANO
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Weight (g) (without batteries): 135 Nylon thread wound amount (No. - m): 1-50 Number of bearings Shield bearings: 2 Mounting hole diameter (mm): φ5
Wakasagi-matic DDM-T fishing fishing with automatic shelf stop mechanism and ship alarm is greatly influenced by how quickly and accurately shelves are attacked. Wakasagi Matic DDM-T has added automatic shelf stop mechanism" as a new function to the actual Waka Sagimatic DDM. Once you quickly and finely adjust to the shelf of the wakasagi that changes with the time you caught in the fish finder, once you register with the "automatic shelf stop mechanism", you can automatically stop the gimmick on the target shelf as many times as you like. In addition to "Ship edge automatic slow stop function" that reduces balance at the end of continuous winding, "Ship lift alarm" to notify by alarm from 4 m before winding stop is also installed. Even if you do not see the tip of the hoist, you can understand the completion of hoisting by sound, so we will improve the efficiency of fishing with multiple units. In addition, it displays the water depth display in increments of 5 cm, the hoisting speed, R (right hand mode) L (left hand mode), and remaining battery level that can be selected in 5 stages of 1.5 m / s to 2.4 m / s in liquid crystal digital form. And, even if clutch is made free, features such as "auto clutch function" such as "auto clutch function" which automatically turns on winding up switch, wakasagi fishing is also equipped. * The image of the product you are posting is displaying the representative image. Moreover, the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned."

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