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036282065956 In Stock new
Purefishing Japan
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AbuGarcia Cardinal 2 SX 2500 SD

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AbuGarcia Cardinal 2 SX 2500 SD

AbuGarcia Cardinal 2 SX 2500 SD

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Item # 036282065956
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Manufacturer info Purefishing Japan
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Weight (g) 278 Gear ratio 5.1: 1 Maximum drag force 6 Maximum line winding length (cm / one turn of handle) 73 Ball / roller bearing 3/1 Body spool: Line capacity (m) Nylon · Fluor / PE 0.205 mm (6 lb) -100 / PE 0.8-140 change spool: line capacity (m) nylon · fluoro / PE 0.235 mm (8 lb) -150 / PE 1.5 - 150
Popular cardinal SX equipped with rocket line management system and renewal lineup! Line up lineup of shallow and deep spool specifications that you can enjoy from rack bath, trout lure game to embankment egging, bait fishing! Graphite change spool is also included. Rocket Line Management System TM1. Spool Design - Abu Garcia's unique rocket spool lip allows the line to be discharged more smoothly and evenly from the spool. 2. Oscillation System - The slow oscillation system allows you to take up the line smoothly and uniformly to the spool with optimum winding angle. 3. Bale - With its own bail opening angle, when the line is discharged from the spool lip, it controls to the optimum line loop and the line can smoothly pass through the rod's first stripping guide. Graphite change spool Convenient for preparing for spare fishing, with a different color change from the body spool with aluminum spool. Features 3BB Plus 1 Instant Anti Reverse Double Alumite Aluminum Spool Rocket Line Management · System Plating Handle Graphite Replacement Spool ※ The image of the product you are posting is displaying the representative image. Moreover, the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned.

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