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Daiwa Wind Surf 35 Thigh Spinning

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Daiwa Wind Surf 35 Thigh Spinning

Daiwa Wind Surf 35 Thigh Spinning

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Item # 4960652076081
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Manufacturer info DAIWA
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Weight winding length (cm / one turn of handle): 87 Gear ratio: 4.1 Self weight (g): 550 Practical strength (kg): 8 Standard winding amount PE (number - m) Nylon (lb - m): 3 -200 Standard winding amount PE (number-m) PE (number-m): 1.5-250 2-200 Bearing (ball / roller): 4/1 Handle length (mm) Knob specification: 85 T type Accessory: Reel bag, rubber sheet, adjustment washer
High performance high-performance surf reel ◆ Daiwa's proprietary waterproof and durable technology Magshield" is mounted, pursuing maintenance of initial performance. Maintaining smooth initial rotation performance is a great advantage for throwing reels placed in harsh environments such as rain, wave splash, dust and sand carried in the wind. Eaberu air rotor and a hollow structure for supporting the light rotation performance leads to increased smooth winding sense an important factor in fishing with medium and short distance is of course determined on the reel thrown during long cast. Since the initial rotation is light, it can respond instantaneously to stop and move it. And it is the throwing reel that does not hold with simple distance alone. Trouble is a big enemy, succeeding in minimizing line trouble regardless of yarn by the synergistic effect of "35 mm stroke" and "cross wrap". Also, the handle has a 85 mm long handle that takes into consideration the most easy-to-use length in throwing fishing which may take a considerable load if garbage gets caught. The knob also adopts the T knob, and it is finished in a satisfactory spec that it is thin in the superior model. ◆ DAIWA TECHNOLOGY ... ■ mug shield, ■ air rotor ◇ Other features and specifications ... DS4 (body-rotor material), folding aluminum machine cut handle left and right dual handle Dejigiya II · cross wrap Eaberu Twist Buster II · shower Cleaning possible · Cast lock manual return · Infinite stopper · Thread fall prevention mechanism ※ The image of the product being posted is displaying the representative image. Moreover, the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned."

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