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Under the terms of Japan Post, we can not deliver rods that exceed Closed length 150cm. Closed length Rods less than 150cm can be delivered(2 piece rod etc. with total length less than 9.0ft). We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Daiwa Morethan Real Stile TG 40 B sardine

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Daiwa Morethan Real Stile TG 40 B sardine

Daiwa Morethan Real Stile TG 40 B sardine

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Item # 4960652202053
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Color: Burning Sardine Size: 40 g Size: 76 mm Hook Spec: ST-56 # 6 (# 3 Ring) * The images of products you are posting may be displaying representative images. Moreover, it may look different from the actual color. Please note.
A tungsten version of Moazan Real Steel" series that is reputed as "genuine-oriented metal vibes" series. "TG" is a tungsten material. The definitive version "Moazan Real Steel" pursuing ease of use of steel plate lures is made into a body of tungsten as it is the concept. By using tungsten with heavy weight, the body size is compact as intermediate between Real Steel 18 and 26, but it has a weight of 30 g, and it fulfills all the extreme demands to go farther and deeper I finished it as a lure that can satisfy. Distance performance which fly to a straight line with a point far far away is great due to the body balance designed precisely as well as the effect of tungsten. Also, no matter how far we fly, if hook picks up a line, so-called shrimp condition, everything becomes laborious. The high body balance of real steel avoids the shrimp state at the time of landing or falling with high probability. It surely connects the whole body to the opportunity. And another benefit that tungsten brings. It is high sensitivity caused by high hardness. The sense of contact with the bottom and the structure is amazingly clear. Its potential is not an exaggeration to say that there is no enemy anymore in points with strong flow or in depth strategy."

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