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Shimano Force Master 9000

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Shimano Force Master 9000

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Item # 4969363034601
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Manufacturer info SHIMANO
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Gear ratio 3.1 Maximum drag force (N) / (kg) 245.0 / 25.0 Weight (g) 1500 Pinwinding amount (No.-m) PE (Power Pro Depth Hunter Boat) Nylon 6-1100.8-900.10-650.12-550.15-350 Nylon 12 (Cm / width of one turn) 88 Spool size (diameter mm / width mm) 90/62 Spool lower winding line (PE number - m) 8-400 Bearing number S A - RB / Ball / Roller 3/0 Handle length (mm) 75 Maximum roll up force (kg) 72 [7Line capacity of swallowing beast, number 9000 to join the reality fishing of yearning. Pull the deep ocean, the big fish, to the extent reachable to anyone. Deep sea, aiming for big fish, 9000 number can not be indispensable for fishing that can admire as a member join the series. This fishing is drawn to [Force Master 9000] to reach everyone's reach. The newly designed [Stamina motor] boasts a maximum winding power of 72 kg, and it is active as a strong ally for beginners, coupled with powerful and excellent sliding [Stamina Drag]. PE line No. 6 No. 1100 m, No. 8 No. 900 m wide, the amount of pneumonia is a source of concern for line capacity. In addition, the deca letter liquid crystal improves operability, and the fight also develops advantageously on hand. Combined with [Deep Soldier] or [Chermal] of the funeral rod, speed up the loading of ako and kimedai, or kneeling Kihadamagro ... a realistic one to make such a fisherman's dream come true. Newly adopted powerful motor Maximum roll capacity up to 72 kg! Volume endurance 12 kg! Powerful stamina drag adoption from electric round 4000 beast master (maximum hoisting force 54 kg), maximum drag force 25 kg! Carbon cloth washers adopted 4 pairs (same as 9000 BM Electric Round) to achieve both strength and smoothness! (Avoidance of Kimmedai's mouth too!) With dodeca LCD adoption, the counter is more visible! * The image of the product you are posting is displaying the representative image. Moreover, the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned.

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